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We are expert brokers for consistency wine



We are expert brokers for consistency wine

We specialise in acquiring and selling the world’s most prominent and exciting vintage wine.

Our vintage wine valuations are based on current global market demand values, popularity and current availability locally and internationally.

In January 2019, LATAM BROKER was founded by Liber Salinas to serve the industry’s growing need for an effective importer and brokerage of FAIR WINES. Today the company is recognized as an innovator and market leader managing a fast-growing portfolio of selected wine companies.

It is the philosophy of LATAM BROKER that the only successful partnerships are those of true collaboration. In this sense, the LB team provides the expertise necessary to truly understand the distinct qualities and characteristics of its product offerings, in order to best engage with retailers and customers.

Wine Brokerage Service


We can list your wine on our wine stock list at an agreed minimum price and market your wine through our Broking Service and website until sold for a set commission of 6% of the completed sale Price (4% for current clients)


We will obtain an independent valuation on your wine through our network of Merchants and Wine Brokers to obtain an unbiased market value from a third party (Siegel, Vial, Intelvid). We will relay the best of these offers for your consideration before offering your wine sale to any buyer.

In all instances when wine is being sold through our Brokerage Service, we will need this stock to be transferred into our bonded trade account to verify the condition, this will include, the actual case, labels on the bottles and the wine level in the neck of each bottle before we can offer a wine for sale and place any stock on the open market. Our broking commission of 6% is reduced to 4% for existing clients regardless of if the wine being offered was purchased from LB our commission is based on the full sale price of the wine.


We currently work with these fine partners...

Casablanca, Cachapoal, Colchagua, Curico and Maule